Drummer - D.J. - Composer



Need a drummer for your upcoming show or tour? Keith Erickson is quick to chart out and learn your tunes. Rehearsals may be included. Rates vary depending on gig.

CALL NOW (310-409-8001) for more info!


Producers and musicians often hire Keith to play drums on their songs. Simply contact Keith about your project type and deadline.

Keith Erickson Entertainment’s Professional Staff can record and edit your demo or record for an additional charge, however it is not required to have Keith play drums on your songs. See the “production” service below for more info.

Rates start at $100/song. Discounts are offered for multi-song sessions.

Whether it’s pre production (music development) for a singer/songwriter or recording and producing voice over reels, commercials, or demos, Keith Erickson Entertainment has the experience and professional staff to work on your project without breaking your bank account.

We can turn your idea into a reality!

Contact us about your project today!

General Rate: $40/hr
Some rates may vary depending on situation.

CALL NOW (310-409-8001) for more info!

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